Cas Holmes has an abiding interest in the connections between land, place and environment. Trained in fine art, her works in mixed media and found materials are a reflection on aspects of 'Urban Nature', and are best described as 'cloth paintings with stitch'.

'At first glance, the materials and techniques she uses give the impression of something we 'already know',  yet the artist is able to conjure up familiar images and associations and give them new meanings. Stitch, cloth and memory combine with paint, mark and image to create layered ephemeral pieces in which nothing is explicit; 'I am influenced by the ideals of wabi-sabi, things often overlooked, details, worn surfaces and the beauty found in the transience of things imperfect. My work is an intuitive response to 'place', not limited by the familiar, but inspired by the small observations and change.' Her work often contains snippets of text or discarded materials that have associations or conjure up memories. There is always a dialogue with the materials she uses. They bring their own history which is woven into the work. These collections of ephemera might seem meaningless but their apparent banality is open-ended. They are available to stimulate the imagination through the poetry of ordinariness. Everything has a connection and each viewer makes their own connections.

'Moira Vincentelli  Essay for the exhibition 'Reflections'

Her artwork and commissioned pieces are held in collections around the world, including the Museum of Art and Design in New York, Arts Council England, The Embroiderer's Guild UK and the Garden Museum London.Individual themes and stories can be found in the everyday and this is reflected in her publications  'The Found Object in Textile Art' (2010), 'Stitch Stories' (2015) and 'Connected Cloth, (co author Anne Kelly)


Urban-Nature  and the links between the two worlds are a constant theme. She was a guest exhibitor with 'Spaces, Places and Traces' at the European Patchwork Meeting , followed by Memory Cloth at the Lace Museum in the Netherlands. A commission for the Garden Museum saw her ending the 2014 marking the centenary of World War 1. In 2015 she exhibited with the Prague Patchwork Meeting and with the Centre for Embroidery in Mons, Belgium and held a one person show at Art Textil Sent in Switzerland followed by an invitation by the City of Le Mans to exhibit in Parc Du Monod, an old army barracks. In 2016 Cas is working towards a one person show in the USA and in Luxembourg.

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